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IPOT project wins Energy Globe Award Carinthia …

Scope of the IPOT ”Intelligent Photovoltaic mOdul Technologies” project

The IPOT consortium aims to achieve a significant improvement of the overall system effectiveness of photovoltaic modules. Research goals are focussing on measures for increased efficiency, cost reduction and the overall goal to reach grid parity for Photovoltaic systems.

IPOT project finalised successful!

Due to the successful co-operation of the all IPOT partners, several results of the project achieved have proven groundbreaking. Some results at a glance:

  • 57 scientific publications
  • 5 success stories
  • 3 patents pending,  one in draft
  • 2 Phd students
  • 6 master theses
  • 41 meetings – 14 project AMT, 12 MPP, 11 SPVC, 5 general assemblies
  • 48 media reports (articles,videos, radio)
  • approx. 120 module samples/prototypes verified
  • approx. 37.000 research hours contributed by scientific partners
  • 4 follow on projects started or approved so far, evolved from IPOT project

All this research results are inspirational for further innovations. We want to say special thanks to all partners. Their work and commitment were vital and sustainable contributions to the project and its successes!  Thank you!

Selected Press and Media Publications:

Nominated for Energy Globe Award Austria 2013

Radio Feature – ORF Kärnten

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TV Feature – ORF Kärnten
Kärnten heute – Sonne als Energielieferant

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