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IPOT project wins Energy Globe Award Carinthia …

Welcome to the world of Intelligent Photovoltaic Modul Technologies.

Globally, electric energy supply is facing the need for decoupling electricity generation from CO2 emission, and for increasing energy efficiency and the share of renewable energy sources. As far as new conversion technologies are concerned, especially photovoltaics are seen as the key promising generation technology in future energy systems.

The IPOT consortium aims to achieve a significant improvement of the overall system effectiveness of photovoltaic modules. Research goals are focussing on measures for increased efficiency, cost reduction and the overall goal to reach grid parity for Photovoltaic systems.

Selected Press and Media Publications:

Radio Feature – ORF Kärnten
RADIO KäRNTEN Mittagszeit Bericht SOLARENERGIE-20100906

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TV Feature – ORF Kärnten
Kärnten heute 10.Mai 2011 – Sonne als Energielieferant

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